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About SSSTS Course

The SSSTS Course (Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme) is a comprehensive training program especially designed for supervisors to equip them with the skills and knowledge to effectively manage health, safety and welfare on construction sites.

SSSTS is a two-day training program providing candidates with an in-depth understanding of how to identify hazards on site, prevent accidents, and risk assessment and legal responsibilities. Participants are also taught the strategies to create and maintain a safe construction site.

It is a CITB accredited course for and the Site Safety Plus Certificate, which is issued on completion of the course is valid for a period of 5 years.

What are the benefits of SSSTS Course?

If you work in the construction industry in the UK and want to promote yourself to the supervisory role, then apply Online. It is mandatory to take up the SSSTS course for career advancements. Let's take a look at some of the reasons as to why you should take up the SSSTS course (Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme):

  • Improved Safety Awareness: The main objective of the SSSTS course is to enhance safety awareness. Participants learn about potential hazards on construction sites and how to identify, assess, and mitigate them. This knowledge helps in creating a safer working environment for all site personnel.
  • Reduced Accidents: SSSTS training equips supervisors with the skills to prevent accidents and incidents. By proactively managing risks and enforcing safety measures, supervisors can help reduce injuries and property damage on construction sites.
  • Career Advancement: Having an SSSTS certification can enhance career prospects in the construction industry. Almost all the employers prefer their supervisors to have this qualification, making it a valuable asset for career advancement.
  • Legal Compliance: The course covers relevant health and safety legislation, ensuring that supervisors are well-informed about their legal responsibilities. Compliance with safety regulations is vital in avoiding legal issues and penalties.
  • Renewal and Continuous Learning: SSSTS certification typically requires periodic renewal or refresher courses. This ensures that supervisors stay current with the latest safety regulations and best practices, contributing to ongoing professional development.

Why should I take SSSTS Course?

If you are someone involved in construction site management or aspire to a supervisory or managerial role in the construction industry, the SSSTS course is tailor-made for you. Here are some compelling reasons you might consider if you want to take the SSSTS course:

  • Personal Development: Learning about safety management and risk assessment can improve your problem-solving skills and decision-making abilities. These skills are valuable not only in your professional life but also in your personal life.
  • Job Security: In an industry as physically demanding and potentially hazardous as construction, having strong safety knowledge and credentials can contribute to your job security. Employers value individuals who prioritize safety.
  • Competitive Advantage: If you work as a contractor or run your own construction business, having SSSTS-certified supervisors on your team can be a selling point when bidding for projects. It demonstrates your commitment to safety, potentially giving you a competitive advantage.
  • Better Communication: Effective communication is a key component of the SSSTS course. You'll learn how to communicate safety instructions clearly and confidently, which can improve your relationships with colleagues and workers.
  • Networking Opportunities: The course may provide opportunities to network with other professionals in the construction industry. Building a network can lead to new partnerships, collaborations, and opportunities.

Who can take up the course?

The SSSTS course is designed for individuals working in supervisory roles within the construction industry. While it's not limited to one type of construction job or role, it is typically recommended for the following individuals:

  • Construction Site Supervisors: This is the primary audience for the SSSTS course. If you are responsible for supervising construction activities, managing workers, and ensuring safety on a construction site, this course is highly relevant to your role.
  • Assistant Site Managers: Individuals in assistant site manager roles who have some level of responsibility for site safety should consider taking the SSSTS course to enhance their safety knowledge and skills.
  • Foremen and Team Leaders: Foremen, team leaders, and anyone in a leadership position overseeing construction crews can benefit from SSSTS training. It helps them understand their safety responsibilities and improve their ability to lead by example.
  • Project Managers: While project managers may not be directly supervising work on the site, they often have a significant role in ensuring that safety protocols are followed and that the project proceeds without safety incidents. SSSTS training can be valuable for project managers in this context.
  • Health and Safety Officers: Health and safety officers or advisors working in the construction industry can benefit from SSSTS training to better understand the specific safety challenges and requirements of construction sites.
  • Contractors and Business Owners: If you own a construction business or work as a contractor, having SSSTS-certified supervisors on your team can be advantageous. It demonstrates your commitment to safety to clients and can improve your chances of winning contracts.
  • Anyone Seeking Career Advancement: If you aspire to advance your career within the construction industry and move into supervisory or management roles, the SSSTS course can enhance your qualifications and make you a more competitive candidate.


The SSSTS Course is CITB accredited course for first line mangers and construction site supervisors. Here are the eligibility requirements for this course:

  • The course participants should have minimum 1 years of experience.
  • The course participants should have good understanding of English in both reading and writing.
  • The participants must have valid ID proof.

Mandatory Requirements:

  • Identity Proof

    The participants should have valid ID proof. It can be passport or a copy of driving license.

  • Communication

    This course is built for supervisors or mangers and they need to manage site. Hence, English is a must language and participants should have good understanding in both reading and writing.

  • Assessment

    To attain the SSSTS course certificate, the participants must pass the multiple choice test. In case re-sit is required for assessment then it should be done within 90 days of course date with a minimal cost.

SSSTS Course content

The content of an SSSTS (Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme) course typically covers a range of topics related to construction site safety and supervision. Mentioned below are the general topics that are covered in this course:

  • Construction Site Supervisors:
    • Overview of health and safety legislation and regulations relevant to the construction industry.
  • Health and Safety Management:
    • Responsibilities and roles of supervisors in ensuring a safe work environment.
    • Establishing and maintaining a safe site, including effective communication and leadership.
  • Safe Systems of Work:
    • Implementing and managing safe systems of work for various tasks on the construction site.
  • Risk Assessment and Control:
    • Identifying hazards and conducting risk assessments.
    • Implementing control measures to minimize or eliminate risks.
  • Workplace Hazards:
    • Recognizing and addressing common workplace hazards, such as working at height, manual handling, and hazardous substances.
  • Occupational Health:
    • Understanding and addressing health-related risks in the construction industry, including exposure to dust, noise, and other occupational hazards.
  • Fire Prevention and Control:
    • Fire safety measures, including prevention, evacuation procedures, and the correct use of fire-fighting equipment.
  • Emergency Procedures:
    • Response protocols for various emergency situations, including first aid, reporting incidents, and evacuation.
  • Accident Reporting and Investigation:
    • Procedures for reporting accidents, incidents, and near misses.
    • Conducting thorough investigations to determine root causes and prevent future occurrences.
  • Environmental Awareness:
    • Understanding environmental considerations and responsibilities on construction sites.
  • Communication Skills:
    • Effective communication with workers, contractors, and management regarding safety matters.
  • Legal Duties and Responsibilities:
    • Understanding the legal responsibilities of supervisors and employers in maintaining a safe work environment.
  • Behavioral Safety:
    • Encouraging safe behaviours and fostering a positive safety culture among workers.
  • Toolbox Talks:
    • Conducting effective toolbox talks to communicate safety information and promote awareness among workers.
  • Mental Health and Wellbeing:
    • Addressing mental health issues and promoting wellbeing in the construction industry.

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